CKMP Executives

Coni Meyers


Coni always says she is like a cat with 9 lives (careers). Everything she has done was training for her work today in disaster and crisis strategies. She spent 7 years as a FEMA inspector and trainer working on over 50 different disasters around the world. She owned 3 insurance businesses and 2 business consulting firms.

She was a co-founder of a national home inspection business that was the largest in the country when it

sold. She also co-founded a national online education platform. Her credentials have helped 1000’s with their lives and businesses.

Coni loves inspiring others to action with her speaking, international retreats and workshops,

explaining how to become a community leader through giving back and making a difference. She is a 6-x international bestselling author and author of 3 live/online Masterclasses including 2 certifications: Kickbutt Leadership (Kickbutt is when mindfulness meets vision, opportunity and engagement) and Crisis Knowledge Management Certification that certifies graduates so they can educate their communities on preparedness, survival, recovery and sustainability.

She created the Crisis Knowledge Management & Preparedness Foundation to provide community outreach education and services including initiatives such as “KitsforKids”. Her desire was to create a legacy that supports community leaders, churches, schools, civic and professional organizations and first responders in creating sustainable and prepared communities against the risks in their area.

Deb Hernandez

Executive Director

Deb Hernandez, was the Director of Professional Development for the Texas Association of Realtors for 17 years. She oversaw the professional development and continuing education programs for one of the largest professional member associations in the US, serving more than 130,000 real estate professionals throughout Texas.

Her department’s primary goal was to build awareness of the correlation between professional development and success in real estate. With a team of five, they increased classroom attendance by eight-fold. They accomplished this primarily by establishing strong partnerships with the local associations they served.

Specialties: Relationship building, program management, training development, budgeting, grant writing, leadership training

Courtney Strejan

Operations Director

Courtney is a highly motivated manager with the ability to balance complex projects while performing daily administrative tasks to maintain operations. She brings the flexibility to manage goals, standards and timelines for multiple projects. She possesses a thorough knowledge of administrative functions and accounting including Contract Auditing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Vendor Management and Budgets. Courtney is also involved in several nonprofits.

Collen Park

Communication Director

Highly effective and experienced strategic sales and business development leader that’s motivated, driven, and enthusiastic about helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their goals by developing and effectively implementing solutions and strategies to meet and exceed revenue expectations. She is a first responder on the Mt. Bachelor and has completed her Community Emergency Response Team training.