“Disasters teach us humanity, give us time to pause and reflect, and change our course.”-Coni Meyers

Our Vision

Our hope is that everyone can have a positive impact on disasters in the world.

Coni Meyers spent 7 years as a FEMA inspector and trainer (over 50 disasters and 1000’s of inspectors trained). She saw a real need for information about preparedness, survival, recovery and sustainability.

CKM Preparedness Foundation was founded to create a network of resilient individuals that can empower their communities through events and education. We team with community leaders, other nonprofits, and businesses to provide education and services through churches, schools, civic organizations, and community groups.

Our first initiative is called KitsforKids. By providing go-bags that fit in a child’s backpack we are not only educating children on what to do but also their parents. The KitsforKids include a tracker, recording by parents to calm the child and tells them what they need to do. They also include a tourniquet, mylar blanket/poncho, whistle, light, emergency contacts and more. Our other kits are designed for pets, elderly and people with disabilities. During an emergency the go-bag can be added to the kid’s full emergency kit.

Every day it seems we are faced with some type of disaster or crisis. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the number of natural disasters is costing our communities billions of dollars each year and they are only increasing in frequency and intensity.


To educate as many people as possible on sustainability and what to do when faced with disasters in their community.

Our mission is fundamental yet bold:

CKM Preparedness Foundation believes that each of us have a duty to ourselves, our families and communities we live in to raise awareness about sustainability and disaster preparedness.

Our vision is to help:

30 M

People be properly prepared

This will not only save countless lives, properties and billions of taxpayers’ dollars but will empower each of us to take a leadership role in their communities.

To achieve this goal, we are looking to equip individuals with ongoing training, tools, and resources needed to prepare for and survive a disaster, as well as how to recover as quickly as possible. Upon completion of our certification individuals will become a CKM Advisor and become a part of the growing community.

We are guided by our five core principles to disaster recovery


Even before a disaster strikes, training to have a resilient mindset is key in order to prepare and address a potential disaster.


While there are basic preparedness measures that can be taken for every type of disaster, knowing about each disaster and how they impact your community is essential for survival.


Time to act is now! No amount of information will help you
survive a disaster if a disaster preparedness plan is not created and tested properly.


After a disaster, having a strong recovery plan is the difference from recovering quickly and having your recovery be exacerbated.


Sustainability is the key to the reduction of disaster intensity, frequency, and costs. We are committed to working with individuals, businesses and communities through education, services and partnerships to help make is all more sustainable.

Meet Coni

Coni Meyers is a force of nature. Her extensive experience and expertise in crisis management and leadership have made her a renowned figure in the field. Coni is a 6X international bestselling author and speaker. She is dedicated to ensuring that individuals and communities become sustainable and are well-prepared during times of disaster.

Through CKMP, Coni has tirelessly worked to educate and support thousands of individuals and businesses in their sustainability and crisis preparedness efforts. Her decades of dedication have left a lasting impact on those she has worked with, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to navigate and manage their efforts effectively.

Coni’s commitment extends beyond her work with CKMP. As a FEMA inspector, she has played a crucial role in educating and training communities and their citizens on the importance of preparedness and crisis management. Her efforts have helped to strengthen resilience and empower individuals to face and overcome challenges.

Coni’s impact on the business world is also notable. Two companies she co-founded, WIN Home Inspections and OnlineEd, she helped transform into national enterprises.

Recognizing the need for effective leadership in all spheres of life, she founded CKM Solutions Group, Crystalline Moments Success Movement, and Kickbutt Leadership. These entities focus on inspiring and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

Coni’s vibrant personality is evident in her work and interactions. Full of energy, passion, and grit, she approaches every endeavor with enthusiasm and determination. Her contagious spirit ignites motivation and fosters a sense of purpose in everyone she encounters.

Through her multifaceted contributions and unwavering dedication. Coni Meyers has emerged as a true visionary and leader in sustainability, crisis management and leadership. Her remarkable achievements and commitment to helping others make her an inspirational figure in the field.