Are you truly prepared for when disaster strikes?
Are you becoming more sustainable and reducing your carbon footprint?
  • Be the reliable source in your community.
  • Find new clients that trust you.
  • Become a Crisis Knowledge Management Advisor.

Our Mission

The mission of Crisis Knowledge Management and Preparedness Foundation is to provide educational services and programs to help individuals, businesses and communities become more sustainable and be ready and prepared for disasters and other crises.


With the frequency and intensity of natural and man-made disasters on the rise, the need for preparing, survival, and recovering from any disaster is critical for our communities.


of Americans believe they are going to be impacted by a disaster in the next 3-5 years

15- 30%

have done any type of preparation 

Icon of a damaged home

1 in 10

homes are at risk of damage or being destroyed

Flooded home icon


of homes are at risk of flooding  & 99% of counties have flooding


Tornadoes double in 2021

Sun Icon


of the country affected by the worst drought in 1200 years

Fire icon

7.6 M

Acres burned in 2021


of homes may become uninsurable according to reinsurers


Power outages have doubled and last 8 hours longer


Why get involved:

Experts say that 70% of Americans will choose an individual or organization over another if they are involved in a social cause even if they are not the least expensive. By helping with our causes you will be a leader in your community, increase your influence and increase your referrals.


Designed by Coni Meyers, a former inspector and trainer with FEMA, her certification and other training programs, will guide you and your community on how to prepare, survive, recover and become sustainable. Be the community leader that helps save lives, property and money.


Give you visibility and referrals. Help put go-kits in the hands of elementary school kids through our initiatives such as our KitsforKids. By creating community events we increase awareness of what is needed by the citizens.


You can be a part of a #1 Bestselling book by white labeling it and adding a paragraph or chapter in the book about why you care and what services you offer. “When the Unthinkable Happens…Be Prepared! Be Ready!” is a reference guide that will be looked at each year when plans and kits are updated. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to reach out to your clients or potential clients. It becomes an invaluable marketing tool.

Icon illustrating that CKM Advisors have access to a private group

Access to a private group

Icon illustrating CKM Advisor access to Training Library

Ongoing events and training you can offer to your community

Icon illustrating CKM Advisor Training Materials

Initiatives that address community needs

CKM Advisor Co Author Disaster Preparedness Book

Opportunities to white label books and trainings

CKM Advisor Co Branded Disaster Preparedness Marketing Materials

Co-branded events and marketing collateral

Being a part of saving lives, property and money



Our Partners

With the following partners we’re able to grow and spread the word about preparing now for the next disaster!

Cover of Be Prepared Be Ready book by Coni Meyers

CKM Solutions is pleased to note that release of best selling author Coni Meyers' latest book: "Be Prepared, Be Ready" Guide to Coping with Disasters.

CKM Preparedness Foundation is pleased to offer Coni Meyers’ latest bestselling book! In addition to discussing disaster preparedness, survival & recovery, it also gives advice on how to be more sustainable. You can brand and add your information to this book just like we did.

Get a free copy of book send an email to with FREE COPY in the subject line.