Become a Prestige Partner Ambassador

Crisis Knowledge Management & Preparedness Foundation was founded to create a network of resilient individuals that can empower their communities through continuing education and support. We provide programs and initiatives that provide education and services to communities.

Our hope is that as we prepare for disasters and crises, the same community conversation will encourage sustainability and a reduction of the carbon footprint for all citizens.

With our Prestige Partners Ambassador Program, we aim to help 30 million people be better prepared and sustainable. We are a movement bringing awareness every week on the many aspects of preparedness, survival, recovery and sustainability. Each month there are new opportunities to collaborate, train, and share information about the value-added tools available to professionals and businesses.

For the last 2 years we have seen our reach grow

  • Through various industry partnerships that realize the potential of being socially responsible
  • Through monthly training for the community, ghost-written articles and marketing tools
  • Producing a brandable bestselling book “When the Unthinkable Happens…Be Prepared! Be Ready! “
  • Creating collaboration relationships
  • Gaining the attention media and podcasts

Our focus has been on providing individuals and businesses tools that will have them stand out and make a difference in their community. Creating an excellent opportunity for those providing these invaluable tools to shine and become the superheroes.


What we know for sure:

  • There is a great need for the information we are providing to communities
    • Climate scientists are saying that by 2030 climate change can become irreversible if greenhouse gases are not reduced
    • According to a CoreLogic’s 2021 Climate Change Catastrophe Report, 2021 had 1 out of 10 homes (14.5 million) impacted by a natural disaster.
    • According to the nonprofit First Street, 10% of all homes in the US are at risk for flooding
    • Top reinsurers are warning that 23% of homes in the US could become uninsurable.
    • According to the International Institute of Certified Public Accountants study; 61% of Americans believe they will be affected by some form of disaster over the next 3-5 years
    • According to FEMA 75% of businesses affected by a disaster that do not have an emergency plan will be out of business in 2 years.
  • Professionals and businesses are positioned perfectly to reverse the current situation and become the superheroes by supporting the communities efforts with education and initiatives.
  • We are rolling out several initiatives to support communities. Our first is “KitsforKids” which will put a kit in the hands of school children and in doing so the parents will decide they need to be better prepared and more sustainable. Show the kids, teach the parents!

Online Vision:

We host relevant interviews and conversations through our Do Well by Doing Good and Kickbutt Leadership Series, provide relevant information and breaking news through the public social media. We provide essential information that is relevant to individuals and businesses on disasters, crises, and sustainability. The conversations include information on resilient mindsets, leadership and communication. Our public page for CKM Foundation talks about our initiatives and work we are doing to educate and how to get involved. We also provide a private groups for our Prestige Partner Ambassadors.

In-Person Vision:

We are speaking at national, regional and local events. Providing the tools and information for local community leaders to provide outreach to their communities and partnering with other nonprofits and foundations to help reach our goal of 30 million people.

Relationship Vision:

We have partnered with several major organizations including major associations in the real estate industry that have access to 1.6 million real estate professionals. Our Executive Board and our Advisory Boards come from various backgrounds and industries.

As Prestige Partner Ambassadors you become a part of a movement that will provide you with gold standards in CSR (Consumer Social Responsibility). You can attract the right consumers and people to your team that will save lives, property and money while saving the world for our children and generations to come. THAT will increase your bottom line, raise your brand image, AND you will stand out as an ESG organization.



Number of Go-kits dependent on amount of donation, Online training of team members, special pricing for branding on “When the Unthinkable Happens…Be Prepared! Be Ready!, branded landing page and logo appearing on CKM events, membership in the Prestige Partners Private group, interview on CKM platforms


Additionally, promotion of partner events, detailed listing on Prestige Partners page, limited special offerings to CKM database, branded marketing materials, limited team education to Prestige partners team members, multiple interviews on CKM platforms


Depending on amount of sponsorship bags, training of the organizations teams, co-sponsored events, business continuity and ESG consulting, training provided on the behalf of the Partner